The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in

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The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in: Alright! Let’s start the list off at number four: NUMBER (4) Ranking in at number four for the top four C-walk Shoes is: All Stars. These Converse high tops are known for (in the C-walk Community) their use by old school walkers. The shoe was a popular find [...]

Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground).

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Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground). Step 1 Make sure to stretch properly to avoid any injuries. Step 2 Second, after you’re done stretching, step inside of the hoop. Next place your feet shoulder width apart and while standing in this positing place a foot in front of the other (partially) and [...]

History of the Gangster walk

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History of the G-walk Gangsta-walking (aka g-walking or buck jump) is a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee (evolved version referred to as: Buck(in) ) and despite the name this dance is not restricted to ‘gangstas’. Although the dance’s origins have appeared to spawn in the late 1970s, its popularity did not grow until [...]

Clowning vs. Krumping

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Clowning vs. Krumping Krumping (not Krunk-ing) is often confused with Clowning, but while the two are related by form and origin (and vaguely by style), differences are visible. They share the same basic speed, and a similar movement pattern: a rapid rhythmic bobbling and jerking of the body, as well as the intermittent flex of [...]

The History of Krumping

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The root word “Krump” came from the lyrics of a song in the 90s. It is sometimes spelled K.R.U.M.P., which is a backronym for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise, presenting krumping as a faith-based artform. Krumping was created by two dancers: Ceasare “Tight Eyez” Willis and Jo’Artis “Big Mijo” Ratti in South Central, Los Angeles, [...]

What is Krumping?

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What is Krumping? What is Krumping? K.R.U.M.P (Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise) is a dance style with Christian roots/background. It also has connections / links to other dance styles like clowning and bucking. Krumping usually involves what looks to be physical contact between the dancers. From non participants it can sometimes even look like a [...]

The Popping Dictionary

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The Popping Dictionary Popping (a funk style) refers to the sudden contraction and retraction of muscles. Tutting: Using your body to create geometric movements and positions mainly with the use of right angles. The main focus of this style is on the hands and arms Strobing: An illusional style meant to mimic the way movement [...]

History of Breakdancing

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History of Breakdancing Breakdancing seems so different from all other kinds of dancing that the first question people ask when they see it is: “Where did these kids learn to dance like that?” To many people, this dance seems to have come out of nowhere. But like everything else, Breakdance did come from somewhere, something [...]

B-Boys Are Back

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B-Boys Are Back B-Boys Are Back; in the ’80s, There Was Breakdancing. But First There Was B-Boying. Remember, if you will, 1984. “Miami Vice.” Jelly shoes. Acid-washed jeans. Remember Michael Jackson in his red leather jacket with one gloved hand, gliding across the stage in his patented moon walk. And remember the soda ads and [...]

The Top 50 Songs To Cwalk To

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The Top 50 Songs to Cwalk to 1. Xzibit – Get your Walk On 2. Xzibit – Multiply 3. J-kwon – hood hop 4. 2Pac – Loyal to The Game 5. Westside connection – gangsta nation 6. Tonedeff -Heads Up 7. Xzibit – Alkoholik 8. Mase – Breathe, Stretch, Shake 9. 2pac – Still Ballin [...]