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The Popping Dictionary

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The Popping Dictionary Popping (a funk style) refers to the sudden contraction and retraction of muscles. Tutting: Using your body to create geometric movements and positions mainly with the use of right angles. The main focus of this style is on the hands and arms Strobing: An illusional style meant to mimic the way movement [...]

Popping 101 – Poppin for beginners

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Made by spacecapital Popping 101 This article is from my perspective about the art form known as Popping. Someone asked me, could I write a Popping 101 article some years ago. I’m now in the move to write a post regarding the introductory of Popping. Before I get started, it’s always best to get the [...]

Popping 102 – Poppin for beginners

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Made by Spacecapital Popping 102 I would like to continue where we left off regarding Popping 101. In Popping 101 I wrote about one of the foundation of Popping (Hitting), and how to hit at the neck, chest, arms and legs with out moving around or dancing. Remember, the Fresno is like a basic hitting [...]