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Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground).

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Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground). Step 1 Make sure to stretch properly to avoid any injuries. Step 2 Second, after you’re done stretching, step inside of the hoop. Next place your feet shoulder width apart and while standing in this positing place a foot in front of the other (partially) and [...]

History of the Gangster walk

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History of the G-walk Gangsta-walking (aka g-walking or buck jump) is a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee (evolved version referred to as: Buck(in) ) and despite the name this dance is not restricted to ‘gangstas’. Although the dance’s origins have appeared to spawn in the late 1970s, its popularity did not grow until [...]

Songs To HarlemShake To

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This is a compiled list of songs to harlem shake to: Angie Martinez – Mi Amor Beanie Siegel – Guess Whos Back Beenie Siegel – Roc the Mike Bow Wow – Let me Hold you Busta Rhymes – As I Come Back Busta Rhymes Feat. P. Diddy – Pass the Courvoisier Busta Rhymes – Break [...]

How To Harlem Shake

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How To Harlem Shake Before you shake Before you shake you must always stretch. While doing these stretches remember the following: 1) Hold the stretches for a minimum of 30 to 60 seconds. 2) Warm up a bit before and after the stretches 3) Stretching should not be painful!!!!!! The stretches The stretches are provided [...]

How The Harlem Shake Started

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  How The Harlem Shake Started The Harlem shake originally called the “albee”, became main stream in 2001 when G Dep featured the Harlem shake in his music video Special delivery which was around the same time the cwalk became popular. Although the dance came up around 2000 it started a few years back (in [...]