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The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in

by admin in CWalk, Dance Apparel

The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in: Alright! Let’s start the list off at number four: NUMBER (4) Ranking in at number four for the top four C-walk Shoes is: All Stars. These Converse high tops are known for (in the C-walk Community) their use by old school walkers. The shoe was a popular find [...]

The Top 50 Songs To Cwalk To

by admin in CWalk

The Top 50 Songs to Cwalk to 1. Xzibit – Get your Walk On 2. Xzibit – Multiply 3. J-kwon – hood hop 4. 2Pac – Loyal to The Game 5. Westside connection – gangsta nation 6. Tonedeff -Heads Up 7. Xzibit – Alkoholik 8. Mase – Breathe, Stretch, Shake 9. 2pac – Still Ballin [...]

How to Cwalk: The Shuffle

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How to C-Walk The Basics: The Shuffle: NOTE: In this tutorial “ | ” = one of your feet. First, start off standing on your toes. Then Jump/Slide one foot back and one foot forward. Your back foot should be where your front foots heel is looking something like this: Front foot___ | (1) Back [...]

How to Cwalk: The V-move

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  How to C-Walk The Basics: The V-Move: Step 1: Start out with both feet flat on the ground: Step 2: Now pick up one foot’s heel and the other foot’s toes (if you want to move right pick up your left foot’s heel and your right foot’s toes, do the opposite to move left) [...]