Belly Dance History

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Human instinct is to draw conclusions about things we don’t entirely understand and thereby serve to perpetuate myths and misgivings about anything from the direction that water will spin in a particular hemisphere to the idea that bats are blind.  So it only stands to reason that many of us have misconceptions about belly dancing [...]

What is Belly Dance?

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Brief History No one can definitively pinpoint the exact origin of the enchanting belly dance, but it can be traced back to early Egypt and is thought to have been performed by temple priestesses.  Many also believe that belly dance was part of a birthing ritual practiced in the Middle East where it originated.  But [...]

How to do the Stanky Leg

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Do da stanky legg, do da stanky leg,do da stanky legg When I hit da dance floor I be Doin’ da stanky legg, do da stanky legg, do da stanky legg The Stanky Leg is a popular hip-hop dance that exploded in 2009. Although many years have gone by the Stankey Leg is still a [...]

How to Find Wedding Dance Lessons

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Although our website is geared towards helping people learn dance from the comfort of their homes, some people may prefer to learn at a dance studio. So before we get into where you can learn different dance steps online for your wedding, we will show you how to find local brick and mortar dance studios [...]

Father Daughter Wedding Dance Ideas

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The father daughter wedding dance The father daughter dance is one of those things you really can’t put into words. It’s emotional for some and to others it’s just another fun moment shared between daughter and father. That being said we can’t honestly recommend what to do or what song to use as that’s something [...]

Line Dance Music (The Top 15 Songs)

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We traveled dance floor to dance floor out at our local country bars and asked the people to list their favorite new and old line dance music. We tallied the votes, added our own opinion, and came up with this list. Here is our list of the top 15 songs to line dance to! 15. [...]

How To One Two Step (1,2 Step)

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“Let me see you 1, 2, step”, the famous lines from Ciara and Missy Elliot. The 1, 2 Step was released as the album Goodie’s second single in October 2004, it reached the top ten in several countries worldwide and is heavily-inspired by 1980s electro music production. Throughout the lyrics, Ciara gives a description of [...]

How To Do The Bikers Shuffle (Big Mucci)

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There currently is not to much information on how to do the biker shuffle, so I’ve went out to youtube and found an instructional video by Big Mucci himself. Like any other hustle listen to the lyrics and you should be able to get it down.

How To Wobble

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To learn to wobble pretty much just pay attention to pay attention to the lyrics, because just like any other hustle that’s where the instructions are: Mr. Collipark Umph,oh,umph, Ah Ah, Umph,oh,umph Ah Ah All The Shawtys In The Club (let Me See You Chest) Back It Up, Drop It Down (let Me See You [...]

How To Twerk (Twerking)

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Note: Twerk at your own risk, we are not liable for any injuries There are tons of videos of booty twerking online but none that actually break it down. This twerk tutorial was created to solve this. To start it off I’d like to clear some common misconceptions up. 1. You don’t need a big [...]